About Liza

Yoga Instructor & Massage Therapist

Liza Morgan  holds her B.S. in Holistic Health and Wellness with an emphasis in Nutrition.

Swedish Massage & Thai Massage:

Liza is a Licensed Massage Therapist and completed her 600-hour certified massage therapist program at Denver Integrative Massage School. She brings her passion for yoga into her massage practice by offering Thai Yoga Massage.

Prenatal massage is also a specialty as she blends her experience as a doula and apprentice midwife into her practice.

Adaptive Yoga:

Inspired by the work of adaptive yoga pioneer Matthew Sanford, Liza is passionate about offering yoga classes that are accessible to people with disabilities and mobility restrictions. With a focus on tuning into the subtle energy of the body and the ability to direct and move this energy, Liza’s teaching helps to strengthen the mind-body connection. 

Prenatal Yoga:

With many years serving as a birth doula, apprentice midwife and childbirth educator, Liza naturally gravitated towards teaching prenatal yoga. In her classes, she weaves in tools and techniques for moms to use in pregnancy and birth to connect with baby, cultivate inner resources, relax, sharpen focus and prepare their bodies. Liza’s prenatal classes are great for beginners and intermediate practitioners, blending just the right amount of ease and challenge.