Adaptive Yoga Testimonials

What our students have to say...

I am a full-time caregiver and have been attending the Thursday adaptive yoga class with my beau, Gene, for six or seven months now. I am truly grateful to have found this class and for the benefits it offers him as he continues to recover. We have been on a medical odyssey for two years now in and out of hospitals, rehabs and facilities. As Gene's health has stabilized we have continued to work hard on rehabilitation and have sought outside resources and alternatives to the hospital rehab model. We are so fortunate to have found this weekly yoga class and are so grateful it is affordable. I have seen marked improvements in Gene since he has begun yoga and this class has become the favorite part of his week. Liza, Ashley, Cyndi and the volunteers have been a gift to us. We thank you for the opportunity to be part of this class and for providing this healing space. It is a wonderful group of people and we feel lucky.

~ Thank you, Julie 

Frankly, I cannot imagine my reality without the Adaptive Yoga Class that has graced my life the last 6 months. Or, perhaps I can, but it’s a vision that I don't want to examine too closely! Over the past several years, many people have told me that yoga could be very helpful to me, as I live with chronic pain (due to structural issue from birth, a.k.a."birth defects"). I would quickly shelf the notion; I found the idea of having to find adaptations for yet one more aspect of life too overwhelming. Little did I know that, through my physical therapy exercises, I was already doing many yoga poses! But class has helped me to experience those dreaded exercises in a new way. I'm replacing reps of 1-10 with deep breathing, and have begun to understand the well-being of my body and spirit on a blessed continuum. Further, since I experience Adaptive Yoga in a class setting, the relationships I've developed travel with me to my home setting, so that I feel accompanied and supported through each unique adaptation.

~ Kelly

Between post-polio syndrome and advancing age I have decreased joint mobility and strength. To my delight the yoga classes have increased both the joint mobility and strength. It is wonderful to be able to take the classes in a nice space and a positive supportive atmosphere. In addition, Ashley, Liza and Cyndi are great instructors!

~ Thanks again, Ann  

The ruptured aneurysm has changed my life. I was headed in one direction one day, and 180 degrees away the next. Since that time I have been inundated with therapy of every kind, yet the one therapy that has done me the most good, both physically and spiritually has been my yoga class. I have been devoted to the class and it has been my favorite and most effective therapy. Thank you for making it all possible.

~ Warmest regards, Gene  

I’m a student in the Adaptive Yoga program at Samadhi. I have been involved for almost a year now and have only begun to appreciate the benefits that yoga brings to my life. I feel more alive, more flexible, stronger and more aware of my body than before starting yoga. I’ve also made some wonderful new friends and can't say enough about how wonderful Liza, Ashley and so many others have been over these months.

~ Namaste, Bob  

Living with a MS for over 30 years and being more than half a century old can seem intimidating. I have always looked for “whatever it took” to keep me as healthy and independent as possible but this time “it” found me. After several casual encounters with Samadhi instructors in my neighborhood, I found my way to the Adaptive Yoga class that the Center has developed. The concept is consistent with the way I live my life, “I may not be able to do things the way others can, but I can find a way to do it that works for me.” Thanks to the Samadhi Center for Yoga and Meditation and the sensitive caring instructors for offering the instruction that makes this possible. Thanks to my classmates for the inspiration and the support. Thanks to my body and spirit for participating and allowing the positive change into my life.