Embracing Pregnancy & Birth Through Yoga

Currently, Liza is offering Private Prenatal Yoga Sessions at her office or in your home.

Whether you're just beginning yoga and are looking for an individualized approach to learning the basics or you're an experienced practitioner with a busy schedule, private prenatal yoga sessions allow for each session to be specifically tailored to you.

Liza brings her knowledge from her experience as a doula, childbirth educator and apprentice midwife to her prenatal yoga classes. Her prenatal yoga classes are tailored to the specific needs of her students with a balance of challenging and restorative postures. In addition to the benefits of the mind and body that prenatal yoga offers, Liza is excited to connect local mothers. 

Benefits of Yoga for Pregnant Women

Yoga inspires you to tune into your body.

During labor and birth it is so important to listen to your body and follow your intuition. Practicing yoga helps to explore what movements feel good to your body and develops the freedom to move however feels right to you without fear of judgment. Yoga and meditation clears the mind so that you can really be IN your body. Yoga also helps to keep the body healthy and happy during pregnancy as additional demands are placed on your body.

Yoga helps to develop your inner focus.

So much of our lives are focused on the things around us. It is important to be able to focus inward and enjoy your time there. Yoga helps us to slow down and pay attention to our minds and bodies. Through yoga and meditation we learn how to be in the present moment, not looking forward or behind. It also gives us the ability to block out the chaos around us and stay centered and focused even when our surroundings/circumstances are not. As you can imagine, both of these concepts are very important in labor.

Yoga teaches you how to use your breath.

Breath is such a powerful force that most are unaware of. Because breath is an integral part of practicing yoga, we learn how to use this energy in our yoga practice. Deep and rhythmic breathing is invaluable in birth as it helps you to relax and focus through labor and birth.

Yoga develops your relaxation skills.

Like deep breathing, relaxation is a skill that is learned. Not only does yoga help us practice relaxation during meditation and sivasana, but even throughout the active postures we are constantly focused on our breath and learning how to relax in even the most challenging of poses. Similarly, being able to surrender to the waves of birth and relax into them is key to a satisfying birth. In contrast, if you are tensing up and resisting your labor, you are more likely to be uncomfortable.

Yoga instills a sense of balance, calm and peace within you.

When we take the time out of our busy lives to center ourselves through yoga and meditation, that quietness and stillness translates into our bodies and our minds creating calm and peace. Your baby growing inside of you also benefits from this centering time.