Interview Questions for OB/GYN or Midwife:

The health care provider (HCP) you choose for the birth of your baby is one of the biggest contributing factors to how you will birth your baby. Make sure that the HCP you choose is in line with your beliefs, values and goals for childbirth. If you find your chosen HCP isn't the right match for you, it's never too late to change providers.


  1. What is your general philosophy about pregnancy and birth? 
  2. What is your induction rate? C-section rate?
  3. Do you support natural birth if that’s what our goal is?
  4. How many years have you been practicing?
  5. Are you a mother yourself? How old are your children now? How were they born?
  6. Do you work alone or with a partner or assistant? What is their experience? Will you be at my birth, or does it depend on who’s call?
  7. What is your experience with breech births? How many have you attended?

Prenatal Care

  1. How many births are you attending now? Do you have a maximum, and how do you manage to avoid too many commitments?
  2. How often will I see you? What do your checkups consist of? How much time do I have with you? Is it ok to ask questions?
  3. What are your guidelines concerning weight gain, nutrition, prenatal vitamins, and exercise? What are your standards for preeclampsia?
  4. Do you suggest that I take a childbirth education class? Do you teach such a class?
  5. Who takes over for you if you go on vacation or get sick?
  6. Do you support me going to 42 weeks if the baby and I are doing well?

General Labor

  1. As long as mom/baby are doing well, how much freedom do I have during labor? (Eating, moving around, tub, etc.)
  2. How do you feel about doulas?
  3. When should I call you after my labor begins?
  4. Are you patient with labor to let it progress on its own time, as long as mom and baby are doing well?
  5. Do you wait until the cord has stopped pulsating before it gets cut?
  6. Will you allow my partner to be as active at the birth as s/he desires?
  7. How much time do you allow for the delivery of the placenta? 

Financial Matters

  1. What are your fees and what do they include? 
  2. Can you submit your charges to my insurance company?
  3. What payment arrangements do you make?

The Baby

  1. Do you have a pediatrician you recommend?
  2. Will you help me with breastfeeding?
  3. How do you feel about circumcision?
  4. How often do I see you after I give birth?
  5. Do you provide or know of anyone who will help new mothers after birth?

For VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) Mamas:

  1. Approximately how many VBACs have you attended?
  2. Of those patients in your practice who wanted VBACS, how many were successful?
  3. What do you think my chances are of VBAC success, given my childbirth history?
  4. What is your cesarean rate?
  5. How do you usually manage a postdate pregnancy or a suspected CPD with VBAC moms?
  6. What's a reasonable length of time for a VBAC labor if I'm healthy and my baby appears to be healthy?
  7. Do your on-call partners support VBAC?
  8. What is your usual recommendation for IVs, Pitocin, prostaglandin gel, amniotomy, epidurals, confinement to bed, EFM (and so on) for VBAC moms?