Hot Herbal Compresses with Thai massage

Add-on for Thai Yoga Massage Sessions

Every 90-minute Thai massage receives a FREE Hot Herbal Compress add-on in the months between November -April! Or you can add-on hot herbal compresses to your Thai massage for just $15 in the months of May-October.

What are hot herbal compresses?

Herbal compresses are made by using fabric to wrap herbs into a ball with a handle. The herbal ball is then steamed and applied to the client's body using compression massage. Hot herbal compress massage feels great and smells amazing. 

What herbs are in your compresses?

  • Ginger:: Relieves joint and muscle tension
  • Turmeric:: Anti-Inflammatory, Immune System Support
  • Lemongrass:: Digestive support, Antiseptic
  • Camphor:: Promotes heart health; Clears congestion
  • Tamarind:: Promotes skin health, Circulation support
  • Glangal:: Promotes joint health
  • Kaffir Lime:: Mental health support

What are the benefits?

In addition to the specific benefits of the herbs listed above, hot herbal compresses soothes achy muscles, relieves stress, increases energy flow, detoxifies, quiets anxiety, helps with insomnia and helps to balance the mind and body.