What is a birth doula?

From the Greek meaning 'woman servant', a doula serves as a aide to the mother, partner and baby through the birth experience. Doulas provide non-medical support by offering labor preparation, continuous labor support and post-partum assistance.

A Doula assists the mother and family with the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of childbirth, and does not take the place of an experienced doctor or midwife.
The mother's partner has a very important role and a Doula will not replace the partner during the birth experience. A Doula will only assist in building a strong support system for the mother, baby and partner.

Benefits of Doula Care:

  • REDUCES C-section rate
  • REDUCES Episiotomy rate
  • REDUCES Use of Pitocin to induce labor
  • REDUCES Use of vacuum/forceps
  • REDUCES Pain during labor & delivery
  • REDUCES Need for pain medication
  • REDUCES Length of labor

Doula Care Also:

  • RELIEVES partner of pressure so they can enjoy the experience
  • CREATES a more positive birth experience for mothers
  • ENHANCES bonding and breastfeeding